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You can have a Classified AD to look for your part
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Window Covering Classifieds

Since the parts you need are no longer consistently available in the industry, its too unpredictable to continue accepting backorders.

 This expands the search beyond just our company and improves your chances of finding the replacement parts more quickly.

Most window covering manufacturers don't produce their own parts, and will only keep enough in stock to fabricate current production needs.  Some do not stock or make parts available in volume. Others are just available in the package they come in when fabricated.

Since it is unpredictable when these parts can be located, the classifieds is treated as a kind of waiting list for these parts. You can see in real time, how many are also in need of the same part.  Quarterly and Annual subscription lengths available.

It will also help record and track market demand in order to decide which parts to pursue finding alternate extruders and make the most popular parts always available.

Blind and shade makers are only required to make discontinued parts available for about a year after the particular treatment has been discontinued. 

When you have custom built shades or blinds being discontinued after a short period of time, you have a lot of unavailable parts that are now in demand.

These Classifieds will also be used for:

Industry miscuts will find a home.  You will be able to buy or sell any window covering you have....

We will be posting all available parts from Known Discontinued Items.  If theres no where else to find it, we can help look here.


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