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Picture Upload Instructions





You will need to create an account in order to upload photos.

Click Here to go to the registration page


Note:  Confirm that you have loged into your account.

This is where to begin, and is the front page of our gallery.  You'll notice the Categories to choose from.  Each has a folder icon next to it.  Click the matching category for the part that you want to upload a picture of.



Shade parts was choosen in this example, and the next page shows the SubCategories for this (above).  Again, the folder icon is there to help signify the SubCategory.



We've choosen cord locks for this example.  At this point you will see the Upload button available, since we are in a subcategory to load it into.  Go ahead and click it, when you are in the subcategory you want to upload to.




This is the upload page.  There are 2 required fields. 
  • The Image File (the pic you want to uplaod)
  • Image Name
The URL is available if you want to post a picture that is already posted to the web.  For example a picture that is on our website.  You can right click the picture to view the properties, and copy the http: address for the picture, and paste it into the URL field.
  • If you have more than one picture to upload, use the thumnail file option to load 2 pics in one post.
Give the image a name, and a short description.  Keywords are available to help with searching.
If you mistype the confirmation code, the upload page will refresh with listed errors (as shown below), and your image file will be reomved.  You will need to hit the browse button again to reload the selected pic.



This is your confirmation page.  You should see the picture that you just uploaded as shown above. 

Your picture will not be posted in the gallery until we validate within our backoffice. This can take up to a 24 hour period.  You can check the liveHelp! to see if an administrator is logged on to do this for you faster.



If not, any errors you might see are highlighted above.  Your picture will only load when the fields have been filled in.